The latest production Creative directed by Brandon "Lectronic" Couloute

An Inside look into making the production


          The Midnight Summer Jam video takes its core inspiration from Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods album released on 2/2/2018. The album combines the classic vibe the I’ve come to love from Justin Timberlake with some folk and country twang. Sonically it seemed to be the perfect marriage of something mainstream and a music genre that I never dabble in. 

Injecting Hip-Hop into an environment that doesn’t scream Hip-Hop is a theme I like to explore. My goal was to have the choreography, location, and tone of the video come together into an ascetic and vibe that worked cohesively.  

one SHOT

          Once I figured out what I wanted to film I gave some thought on how it would be filmed. Originally the video was designed to have many cuts and angle changes. Similar to a modern day music video. However, I reworked the idea once I saw This is America by Childish Gambino. The camera was moving through the open warehouse smoothy and the video had very few cuts . I thought to myself I should make my video like that. I knew it would take a ton of planning and organization but it was a challenge I wanted to take on. 



          Without relying on the ability to hide certain mistakes via cuts in post, I knew I would have to be super organized and plan out the blocking as thoroughly as possible. There was no making it work in post. We either got the shot or we didn’t. I visited  the farm a few times to make sure the choreography could move efficiently through the space. Once I had a good understanding of the layout I was able to explain to the dancers how they should move through it. My highest priority was to make the rehearsal process as painless as possible.  Experience has shown me that if the rehearsal process is dragged out and people are confused it can really affect your final product and the overall energy of the ensemble.

Wrap Up

          Overall I had such a good time developing this project. The fact that I was able to work with many of my students and friends to create this is  what is most important to me. Bringing ideas  like this to life is a  skill I want to continue to develop. I cant wait to work with everyone again to make it happen. Now that you know some of the thought process behind it check out the video below! Enjoy. 

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